VOD105: Die WERKPILOTEN "Wonderful World of Werkpiloten" 2Lp

Die Werkpiloten are Christian Aufderstroth alias Krischi (Vocals) and Stefan Caesar alias Prinz Eisenhart (Programming).

The duo was active from 1981 till 1986, published 4 cassettes including a compilation on their label “Werkpilot Industrial Releases” and after that a gladly heard guest on various Tape-Compilations of the 80's Cassette-Culture.

This double-Lp compiling their first two Tape-Releases published on their own Tape-Label incl. 22 beautiful Wave-Songs in the style of Factory Label-Acts like New Order or even reminding to the legendary Joy Division.

Lp1 features the Tape "Der Werkpilot - Living through a Factory Dream", released in 1983 as WP-IR005 which is a compilation of recordings from 1981-83.

Lp2 features the highly sought after masterpiece "The Wonderful World of Die Werkpiloten" from 1984 releases as WP-IR014

A nice description of their music can be found in a Booklet to their first Tape-Release

It’s music that, except guitar and bass, mainly has electric origins, that flows, sways and encourages to dream. It should kidnap the listener out of his everyday life in another, wonderful world. Music for films that is played while driving around with the car or daydreams. Constantly changing between introverted soundtracks and elaborated electro tracks. A complex and multifarious “Industrial Pop”, inspired of a emotional-melancholic attitude whose inspiration has its origins in Manchester an the factory-label of Section 25 and Joy Division. That is not surprising if you know were those two test pilots grew up. They come from the Ruhrgebiet, characterized by coal industry, working-class environment, tristesse and illusions that were bounded to there area of life.

“It is a logical thought that the heavy, loud and mean machine steals the people’s heart. So it is of value that there are people whose eyes weren’t timley kept shut. Factories and machines certainly didn’t have the intention to encourage our phantasy or to have positive influences to us. But at a time when machine coldness already entered into many souls and people begin to leave their production facility as meaningless monuments, rooms for phantasy get free that let us feel the pain and the desire, with pictures or music, at the end of our industrial period.”

Creating something under one’s own steam, letting phantasy get reality and comparing this with others was the Werkpilot’s desire. Pictures - are a reflected image now, Music - probably the last human beat, Performed - by some confused hearts.

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