VOD100: Conrad Schnitzler ConTainer T1-12 8LP-Box lmtd.99 white Vinyl 159 €

Needless to say that VOD100 must be committed to one of the greatest most innovative and influencuial electronic musicians, protagonists and pioneers on this planet.


VOD honours Conrad Schnitzler’s life-time achievement with the Catalogue-Number VOD100 and the beautiful Retrospective of his 1971-1983-Works previously released just as a very limited 6xTape-Set on Transmitter Tapes in 1983.


The complete Box gives an incredible insight into Schnitzlers variety of works produced from the early 70’s to the early 80’s. From Industrialish and drone-ish-experiments and soundscapes to minimalistic „Pop-Songs“, all can be found on this Set.


(members receive a Bonus 7” containing a selection from Wolfgang Seidel’s Sequenza-Project in which Conrad was involved on Tracks like “Coca” and “Das Tier”. Wolfgang has been a lifetime-friend and music-companion since the late 60’s and projects like Kluster). A Sequenza-Tape found release on the Berlin Label Stechapfel in 1980).
159,00 € incl. MwSt plus shipping