VOD115.10 Paul Nagle - The Soft Room Recordings 1980-84 Lp

Paul Nagle is an electronic artist and synthesist from UK who started to produce wonderful fascinating electronic sounds since the late 70's when his parents moved to a remote farmhouse, triggering creative outbursts in many fields - music, painting and writing to name  but three.
His music which combines elements of electronica, ambient, trance, minimalsynth and new age would have perfectly fit to a label like Martin Reed's Mirage who also released early works of Colin Potter, Ian Boddy, Mark Shreeve, Carl Matthews, Steve Frost and Ron Berry.
Paul released most of his 10 official Tape-Releases between 1980-1984 on his own Soft Room-Label. Just 3 of his releases were actually released in 1981/82 on either Ian Dobson's Flowmotion-Label (Tape entitled "The Citadel") or David Elliot's YHR / Yorkhouse Recordings (Tapes entitled "Tree & Leaf and The Soft Room), which is well known for Tape-Releases of Maurizio Bianchi, Asmus Tietchens, MFH to name a few.
As the music matured it began to gain an enthusiastic audience via independent labels and fan magazines.

Some of the best examples from his early Cassettes are gathered together here, lovingly restored by VOD and ready to take their place in the story of early UK Electronica.

VOD-Members will furthermore receive the complete Tree & Leaf-Recording from 1981 (YHR) as accompaning CD-Bonus.
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