VOD114 Un-Kommuniti - Black Dwarf Wreckordings 83-85 4LP

Un-Kommuniti (sometimes also called Un-Kommunity or Thee Un-Kommuniti) was an early to mid 80’s project run by Tim Gane with support of Joe Manning, Vince "Van Hire" Adams & Dave "Smut" Smit and Pete Levy.

Nowadays, Tim Gane is a well known for his highly prolific band/project Stereolab and his participation in the band Mc Carthy in the late 80’s.

During the early to mid 80's-cassette-culture and lead by Tim Gane, the group was running their own Tape-Label „Black Dwarf Recordings" (also called "Wreckordings“).

Their first and very limited cassettes-issues had the catalogue-numbers BDW which they later changed to BDC including a different Cat-number for the releases.

The group was interested in musical alchemy and the result of this apporach in the creation of their music has been an incredible „alchemistic“ mix of psychedelic elements paired with heaviest power-electronics & noise-soundwalls leading the listening to the ultimate psychedelic journey/trip.

People familar with the music of Stereolab will definately recognize the roots to their current musical output in this 4Lp-Box-Set.

They were active from 1983 until 1987 and by then have released on numerous Cassette-Culture-Labels including Freedom in a Vaccum, Broken Flag, Selbstmord Organization, Cause for Concern, Sound of Pig, Statutory Tapes.

Besides their „Brutality of Facts“ 7“ Vinyl released on Cause for Concern in 1984 they just had two more vinyl-Contributions on the Compilations Freedom in a Vacuum and Statement (Broken Flag)

This is the ultimate chance to enjoy a musical journey with almost 4 hours of carefully seletced Tape-Tracks by Un-Kommuniti

All the tracks selected for this Box are recorded between 1983 and 85 and were previously only released on their own „Black Dwarf“-Label and on the Tapes „Black Dwarf“ (BDRS1) „Doktrine“ (BDC01), „Overliberate/In the Shithouse“ (BDC06), „The Prime Advantage“ (BDC10), „Anarchist Bingo Hall / Soundtracks“ (BDC11), „Sense of Unmaking“ (BDC12), „Dhol Chants“ (BDC14), „Ex-Oblivione“ (BDC17) as well as the Compilations „Faith will never die“ (BDC05) and „Crusade“ (BDC08)

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