VOD112 Modern Art - Sonic Dimensions 1981-85 3Lp/DVD

The Modern Art (sometimes spelled Mødern Art) was a band-project formed in the early 80’s by Gary Ramon, also known for his band-projects WeR7, Mystery Plane, and latterly, Quad and Sun Dial, as well as working with Current 93 and Coil on their "Astral Disaster" album.


The sound is very unique as it combines the classic Minimal/Synth and Drum-elements with psychedelic/guitarrock that built the fundament for the later works as Sun Dial. The band had a loose lineup and released two studio albums (one self-released called „Stereoland“ from 1987 and one on the german Out of Depression-Label in 1989) and a number of self-produced cassettes on Gary’s own Color Disc & Tapes label.


In 2011 the spanish label Domestica released a limited.320 copies Lp primarily focussed on the minimal/synth output with tracks from 82-86.

This 3Lp-Box is now the chance to dig deeper into this musical output of the Modern Art.


Besides most of the tracks from the Domestica release, it contains more tracks (36 Tracks with total paying time 165 Min) recorded between 1982 and 1985 from their self-released Color-Disc-tapes like „Underwater Kites“ (Color 2), „Oriental Towers“ (Color 4), „Dimensions of Noise“ (Color 8), „Age of Lights“ (Color Ext3) and „Modern Artifact“ (Color 11). It also contains previously unreleased tracks plus a complete LP of previously unreleased publisher demos recorded in 1985 planned for a vinyl release back in 1985.


Ramon disbanded the group in the late 1980's and from the ashes became Sun Dial. This legendary band have released many albums over the last 20 years including the classics "Other Way Out", "Return Journey", "Acid Yantra" and more recently "Mind Control".

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